One step further for 2013

by Helena Bescos Menendez de la Granda for Laurette Fugain


About my fundraiser

Course des Héros Paris 2013,

Dear all,
Last year I decided to participate with our Citrix team for the first time in the Heros Race 2012. As said, Stephanie Fugain, Laurette's mother, had deeply touched my heart during a TV program ten years ago after her daughter's loss due to leukemia. It was just the right time to share with her those feelings with my humble participation to raise money for her association.
The Heros Race was an incredible experience, not only because of the richness of the D-date, but also because the extraordinary people I have met and the better understanding I have got of the work of the association and the urgent need to donate.
And...I have had the pleasure to meet Rose, our Rose, the most beautiful Rose I've never seen: a figther in her early age, a fighter against blood cancer with a wonderful smile of confidence and trust. And because of Rose I am here again. This Rose cannot fade. She just needs us, we have to fight with her against leukemia with our legs, our hearts, our donations and of course our smiles.
This year, and because of her, I am not only participating but also helping with the organization of the Citrix team. I do hope we will have as much success as we did have last year and I count on you for that.
Indeed,  each of you can be part of this beautiful adventure again or for the first time simply by sponsorizing my participation. Please help me to go one step further for our Rose...she deserves it. Thanks to all in advance.
Helena Bescos Menendez de la Granda

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Laurette Fugain
Association créée en 2002, Laurette Fugain s'engage contre les leucémies sur 3 missions principales : soutenir la recherche médicale pédiatrique et adulte sur les leucémies ; mobiliser autour des Dons de Vie (sang, plaquettes, moelle osseuse, plasma) ; aider les patients et les familles.